Winner or Loser?


At some point in life, we often wonder if we are a winner or a loser.

But who is a winner or loser and who & what determines our winning and losing?

We all have made certain benchmarks in our minds and based on that we judge others and not only others but ourselves too and become stressed and under pressure.

We all think that a person who comes first, tops the university, clears competitive examination in first attempts, etc.etc are champions and others are losers.

But do you really feel this is the right yardstick to measure?

Is it more important to come first in everything you do or to give your best in everything you do?

Also how realistic it is that whatever we do, every time we will come first only?

Life is not about winning or losing alone.

Life is about giving your best in whatever you do.

Life is Simple but we have complicated it a lot.

Have we really thought and analyzed why suicide rates in students have gone up?

What is that pressure and stress that they are unable to deal with and to end their life is an easy option for them?

Knowingly unknowingly we as a system have failed to establish the right meaning of winning and losing.

As parents, we tell our children if you will get rank we will gift you whatever you want. But we never tell them what if they miss that rank, we are still there for you and love you and support you in the same manner.

Marks will not be a condition for our love. You matter to us more than any marks, grades or degree.

Similarly, as a system, college and other higher institutions take admissions on a certain % of marks.

Passing % is 33%. Children between 33% and the cutoff % of admissions are lost because there is no resort for them and they start feeling as losers as neither they fail nor pass.

Isn’t our duty as parents, teachers, and guardians to teach our children that winning and losing are sides of the same coin?

Life is worth living and will to live is more important than anything else. All other things are part of life and not life.
Giving your best is the ultimate success and satisfaction than winning or losing.
No One is born winner or Loser, It is our Attitude that defines our winning.

So Guys, Live your Life to the fullest kyunki Zindagi Jeene ka Naam hai.

Stay Happy & keep Brewing!!!

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