About The Life Brewery

“Life is a beautiful journey that cannot be expressed in a word or two.”

It’s a mixed bag of umpteen emotions and experiences of happiness, sadness, success, failure, comfort, pain, encouragement, frustration, opportunities, love, hatred, relief, sorrow, struggle, achievements and many more.

“Life isn’t perfect, but its imperfection only makes it beautiful.”

The best part of this beautiful journey called life is “No two people will have the same journey”. Every person has a different life story and different experiences to share.

“Life Brewery is a platform where you can experience all shades of life.”

It is an initiative to help people by adding value in their lives, touching souls and also to provide a platform where they can pour out their emotions and experiences.

In Pursuit of Love

And in pursuit of love, let not yourself be lost As there are no rosés without thorns No ice without frost Love occurs not in isolation Nor dies without a cause In pursuit of love, go closer to the Lord The glory, the shine and the…

है तुझपर गुरूर

है तुझपर गुरूर इतना, जितना खुद पर ऐतबार नहीं तेरे ज़िक्र के बिना, आगाज़ नहीं- अंत नहीं हो जाऊं गुम तेरी इबादत में, ऐसा सुकून दे मुझे ऐ मौला अपनी रहमत का, थोड़ा अंश दे मुझे ना कोई है, ना कोई था- तेरे सिवा मेरा…

A Failure is an OPTION

Have you ever failed in Life? Do you want to fail in life? You guys must be thinking what sort of question is this? Who the hell in the world wants to fail or be a failure? People often tend to perceive failure in a negative…


Amid pandemic, our lives have changed beyond recognition. Everyone in Lockdown, unable to meet one another, all sectors came to standstill, all industries affected globally. It has affected one and all. It has made us realize the…

Spice up – Immunity

Immunity is the most vital part of our wellbeing as it not only helps us to heal better and faster but also protects us from various illnesses. The need for Good Immunity is an all-time high in this COVID era. Till we get a vaccine,…

एक पाती बेटी के नाम

जिस दिन तेरा जनम हुआ जीवन की खुशियां बौरायीं तन मन का आँगन पूर्ण हुआ बगिया फूलों से मुस्काई रुई से कोमल फाये को जब हाथों से मैंने थामा मेरे आँचल को पकड़ जकड तू मंद मधुर मुस्काई में सोच रही थी क्या उषाकाल की…

Sex Education

One of the most important education yet underrated, especially in India. Why it is still considered a taboo in India despite being an integral part of human life? Why parents still shy away in talking about sex education with their…

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She’s a classic example of someone who follows her heart and believes that “DREAMS DO COME TRUE” & so embarked on her journey from being a “Finance Professional” to “ENTREPRENEUR” to realize her DREAMS.


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