Are You Expressive?


There are different types of people in this world with different personality traits.

Some are introvert, some are extrovert, talkative, etc.

The expression is a form of communication and being able to express and respond to other’s emotions appropriately helps to build a deeper and more meaningful relationship with our family, friends, colleagues and every person we interact with.

Being an introvert or people who don’t like to talk much doesn’t mean that they are or cannot be expressive.

Appreciating someone’s efforts, a genuine compliment, a hug, a kiss, writing a sweet personal note are all forms of expressing oneself.

It doesn’t require much effort to do but has a significant positive effect on the recipient.

We often shy away from expressing ourselves in front of our loved ones and we fail to realize that unintentionally we sometimes hurt them by not expressing our feelings for them.

Most of the time we feel why to say in words to our loved ones what we feel about them and unknowingly we start taking them for granted.

We all are human beings and we crave for love.

Most people feel that they show their love and care through their gestures then why to say or express in words.

I also believe that Actions speak louder than words but at the same time importance of words cannot be ignored.

We often regret not expressing our feelings and by the time we realize, it’s too late.

Being expressive helps in every relation and in all walks of life.

Most arguments and fights get resolved just by expressing our viewpoint, we can show what other people mean to us, etc.

So guys, don’t wait for perfect moments to express yourself, kyunki Kal ho na ho

Spice up your life with love, care and understanding by expressing your emotions to your loved ones.

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