Why Me?


Does this question look similar?

I am sure it does.

Many times in life, we ask our self and to the God Why Me?

This question automatically pops up in our head whenever we face some tragedy, hardship or any suffering in our life.

We start feeling like the most unfortunate and most suffered individual in the world.

But we forget that everyone is suffering and have his share of struggles and challenges in life.

It’s just that we are not aware of other’s struggles and hardships.

Suffering is a relative concept, what is normal for one can be significant for another.

The minute we hear another person’s story we feel we are blessed.

There is a popular saying that “I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet”.

Isn’t it unfair, that we ask God and our self “why me” only in times of distress and not when we are having the best times of our life?

When we see other people sufferings then we start appreciating the things we have.

Hardships and sufferings are not the end of life’s journey rather such situations help us to evolve in a much better, stronger and mature individual.

It’s our attitude in life that decides how we deal with hardships.

So next time, Instead of asking “” Why Me”” ask “” Try Me””.

Stay tuned & Keep Brewing!!!

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