How lucky are you?


The Road trip of life is a way too long.

You never know which turn is waiting for you and where it will take you.

Ever thought of settling abroad or becoming an officer?

Do the failures make you unlucky?

Have you ever thought of giving up on life and screw everything?

“Let’s get real”
What is being Lucky or Unlucky?

People who don’t have parents or who are handicapped or blind or dying of starvation are they unlucky?

To be lucky you don’t need to be perfect.

Having food won’t make you lucky or having all the body parts working properly won’t make you lucky and so even having eyes from which you can see the world won’t make you lucky but the truth is if you have any of them then you are lucky.

Life is about balancing your thoughts, feelings, emotions, situations and even actions.

Never make your mind overloaded with work and if you want a Break from life then take it now.

Don’t lead your work to turn into frustration and anger.

Keep calm and find ways to relax by pampering yourself and spend time the way you love to.

Vacations are really mood-changing roads. They bring memories, happiness and a lot of relaxation. This gives you a break from all your thoughts.

Do those things which make you happy and if you are happy then you are lucky.

Never let others destroy your inner peace and take control of your life.

You are your own boss and only you can visualize about your life.

Don’t be a slave, in fact, become your own boss so that you can be lucky.

Tell yourself each day how lucky you are, spread happiness and look into the mirror and say- “I am the Best”.


The things will turn around and the journey of your road trip will start surprising you.



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