Deaf or Dumb


Have you ever thought that every person we meet in our life is for some reason? They always teach us a lesson, doesn’t matter good or bad.

The important thing is how we see things coming on our way and how it matters?

Well, ever thought of this, how a kid makes us smile by their gestures. In the same way, we have someone who leaves a negative impact on our lives. You must have heard about “KARMA”.

As said, people will come and go, what stays is your hard work. The one who will set the goal in life will achieve with a positive attitude but on the other side aiming for a goal is easy and achieving that goal is more easier-How?

Remember those people who were with you in your hard time and how they treated you and the ones who left you to suffer.

There is a very small difference in being deaf and dumb.

The Deaf person will keep on aiming and keep on moving to achieve its goal forgetting the rest, whereas the Dumb person will keep on thinking about what people are saying and get distracted from their goal.

Relations matters to those who want to keep them forever, whether it’s with family, friends, partner or professional. The way you behave at the time of crisis and the attitude you show to someone when you are on the top is your biggest challenge.

Never forget if there is a hard time so there will be a good time too. So, for that be down to earth, be patient and the most important thing keep smiling. If there is darkness in life then there will be light also and vice versa.

Always trust yourself, have faith and just don’t let opportunities let go.

Don’t make big plans in life because that might take years with no guaranteed results.

But if you aim for small goals then you might achieve them forgetting about the rest and just by doing three things- Focus, Attitude and Being Deaf.

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