Depression – A Slow Poison


We all are ZOOMING IN & ZOOMING OUT but have forgotten NOKIA.



In today’s scenario where we all are calling and meeting people all across the globe, I just want to ask are we really connecting with them.

On one hand where technology has given us a platform to reach people who are geographically distant, somehow we have lost that bond and connection.

We have millions of friends virtually but real friends, hardly any.

On a single post, we get millions of likes and comments, but in hard times we struggle to find ONE number where we can call and pour our heart out.

Have we ever wondered and paused to think WHY???

Why out of 10 people 8 are depressed?

Why suicide cases are increasing?

Why we focus only on physical health and completely ignore mental well being?

Why talking about mental health is still a stigma in society?

Why we have lost faith and confidence in our friends and family that we can share our problems with them?

Why we have lost trust in our loved ones that no matter, whatever happens, they are always with us?

Why it is not ok to be vulnerable at times?

Why we have to show that we are strong and can handle everything on our own?

Why we shy away from seeking help?

Why people of our grandparents and even our parent’s generation had limited resources & still had a few suicide cases?

The answer is simple.

Somewhere in achieving everything and making our life perfect, we forgot the old value of connecting, helping each other, of being compassionate to each other.

Instead of finding solace in our friend’s company, we are busy making ourselves more stressful.

We are trying to achieve success but at the cost of our Happiness.

Most of us idolize celebrities and wonder how perfect their lives are with Name, fame, money, stardom, etc, etc.

But we forget even they are human too.

Had that not been the case, we would not have lost a young talented actor Sushant Singh Rajput at such a young age.

Problems come in everyone’s life, how we deal with them makes all the difference.

Also, not every battle needs to be fought alone.

In the end, I would just like to say:

My dear Friends, my door is always open and the house is safe. Anyone who needs to chat can call or come anytime. Please be assured, I will be all ears with no judgments.

I am available for you 24/7.

Life is precious and so are you.

Stay Happy, Stay Blessed & Stay Connected.

Stay tuned & keep Brewing!!!










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