Why should “Men” have all the Fun?



Why after marriage Son remains Son first and Son-in-law later and daughters becomes daughter-in-law first and daughter second?

Why all the expectations after marriage are set for daughter-in-law only?

Why daughter-in-law is expected to be Perfect from day 1 and why for Son “to err is human”.

Why Women are expected to sacrifice or put behind their career over family needs?

Why men’s job is always considered Superior over Females?

Why men are expected to take care of their parents on priority even after marriage and girl is expected to take care of in-laws over her parents?

Why women are expected to take permission to go to her parent’s house after marriage?

Why is it OK for men to go on trips with his friends alone leaving his wife and children to have “ME” time and why women are accused as an irresponsible mother if they go out with her friends?

Why it is the only responsibility of women to take care of all the household chores even after working long hours in the office?

Why the only wife is expected to take care of his husband when he is not well and not husband to take care of his wife?

Why Females are only questioned about what they wear?

Why? Why? Why?

All these questions leave me puzzled and make me think “Are we progressing as a Society”?

I am sure most of the women especially in Indian society ask these questions to themselves.

On one hand, we talk about Women Equality and on the other hand, we discriminate against them at every level.

There has been a change in recent times, Men have become more supportive but still, there is a need for a change of Mindset of Society as a whole.

I believe that if we want to progress as a society, we must practice what we preach and do away with these double standards and give our Females their due Respect and Rights.


  1. Rahul says


  2. Rahul says


  3. Deepti Shivanand says

    Hopefully our future generation will not face these questions….

  4. Deepti Shivanand says

    Hopefully our future generation will not face these questions….

  5. Trigun Sharma says

    Beautifully articulated and so valid for even those who say they are educated and understand women rights.

    Great stuff Abhishek..please share more from your mystical heart 🙂

    1. Abhishek says

      Thanks you so much trigun for the appreciation…..will surely put more …so keep brewing stay blessed….

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