Sabse Bada Rupaiya


Rupaiya… Money… Paisa…Rokda…It has different names and by whatever name we call it, everyone in the world is familiar with it.

People have different Opinions related to Money. Some say “Money is Not Everything”, others say “Money creates problems in Relations”, “Why to run after money”, etc.

Few people Equate Success & Power to Money.

Is Success = Money?

The Rich Person is deemed to be Successful & Powerful.

Money is not everything but ironically everything needs money.

To fulfill basic necessities also we require money whether it’s food to eat, house to live or clothes to wear (Roti, kapda and Makaan).


Moreover, now the list of basics has also increased. Education, Medical expenses have also become the basic needs of any individual and it all costs money.

Whether we agree or Deny, Money does play a very important role in our lives and we all work hard to earn it. (Deep down we all desire “Apna Sapna Money Money Money”)

For someone who usually earns 1 lac a year gets Rs 5 lacs, it would be a big amount for him and for someone whose company’s turnover is 1000 Cr and suddenly earns just 100 Cr, he would feel he has lost everything.

How much money is more or how much is less, it cannot be generalized. It is very subjective and varies from individual to individual.

Even relations start getting strained in the absence of money when you start compromising on every basic thing.

No, I am not advocating that people who have money or are rich have a perfect life, relations and everything and have no problems in any sphere of life. They do have their share of problems, but yes, somewhere maybe they are in a better position to deal with them.

It is also true there are a few things which money can’t buy.

There’s a saying  “ Best things in Life are Free” like Happiness, Family, Health, Attitude, Passion, Friends, Laughter, etc.

Will we be really happy if we have lots of money? Maybe Yes, but if that is the case, all the rich and wealthy people would have been the happiest people on the planet.

Money can’t buy Family, Love, True friends which are the most precious and valued possessions which anyone can have.

Money has its own limitations to what kind of satisfaction and happiness it brings as satisfaction and Happiness are the feelings that come from within.

So Guys, what’s your perception about Money.

Do you believe Money = Success, Happiness & Power?


Money is not everything and the best things come for free.?

So, Share your views on what’s your take on Money.

Looking forward to your thoughts & Experiences in the comments section below.


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