What’s the first feeling that crops in our mind when we hear the word LOCKDOWN?’

Frustration, Being caged, helpless without help (Maids).


But isn’t we all have always asked for?


Haven’t we always complained about not having enough time to spend with family?

Too much travel time?

Not enough time to pursue our hobbies?

No time to rest?

I believe the GOD has answered our complaints now and has given us all ample time to utilize the way we all have wanted to.

It’s our perception of how we look at situations in life.

We can either look as the glass half empty or as half full.

The famous phrase “Every dark cloud has a silver lining” holds true in all the situations of life.

Instead of cribbing about being locked down in our homes, wouldn’t it be better if we use this time constructively?

We can evolve as a person by using this time for reading, pursuing our hobbies, spending quality time with our spouses and children, trying our hand in making new recipes, starting side hustles, gardening, connecting with old friends through technology, etc, etc, etc

There’s a long list of activities which we can do and time will fly before we even get to know.


It might look like the END, but I am sure it’s the start of a beautiful beginning.
Beautiful by all means, beautiful self, clean air, better environment, better immunity.


I am sure most of you guys have tried new things and doing amazing things in this LOCKDOWN.

Please share your experience in the comments box below.

You can share the interesting recipes you have tried to inspire others to try too.

Also, can share your stories/experiences, by emailing me at
Stay Safe, Stay at home
Stay tuned & Keep Brewing!!!
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  1. Anushree says

    So true!

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