Gender Roles


Why women are supposed to do household chores and men are expected to provide for their families?

Why if a woman is not a good cook looked down upon and accused of not taking proper responsibility of their family?

Why if a man wants to make a career in cooking is not taken in high regard?

Why women are judged basis her culinary and other household skills only and a man by his earning capacity?

Why other attributes are overshadowed by them?

Why if a women no matter how successful she is in her career always considered to be settled only when she is married and have kids?

Why a stay at home dad is still not taken well in our society?

Why only a woman is expected to take a break from her career and stay at home for their family?

Who has defined these roles?
God created man and woman and we as a society defined their roles.

I do agree that some roles are defined by gender.

It is obvious that a woman can only give birth to a child or feed him (Unless Science discovers something else) but for others why we need to thrust our man-made roles on individuals?

Why daily chores of life are labeled as women’s job or man’s job?

Mind you these are not by choice but by force.


Why we can’t treat men and women as individuals and let them decide what they like doing and what makes them happy instead of dictating that being a woman you must be good at culinary skills and being a man you must be the primary earning member of the family?

If you have been struggling with gender-based expectations, you are not alone.

Please share your experiences in the comments section below, it might be helpful for others.


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