The LIFE’s Ship … Friendship


It is rightly said that few people stay in our lives forever and we call them friends

When we say, friends ….. Our whole life runs through in front of our eyes. It is the only friendship that gives stories, moments to remember to all phases of life starting from childhood, school, college, office, wherever you go.

Every day can be special with friends.

Do you remember those evenings on the roads in childhood, playing till dusk, those school lunch breaks eating each other’s lunch, sharing about your first college crush and lying to the boss, and going for a movie?

All of this wouldn’t have been there without friends

Friendship is such a beautiful bond full of love, compassion, laughter, care, understanding, no judgment, no expectations, which just develops and stays forever and as they say, we are born with other relations but friends we choose ourselves.

Truly you may be away from friends but cannot go away from the friendship. It follows wherever you go.

Friendship is just clairvoyant, you just keep driving and it will always take you on the right path

Ending this with some beautiful line


“No matter if the world goes against me

Our friendship remains

No matter if nothing in the world stays

Our friendship remains

No matter if you and me are not there

Our friendship remains”

So guys let’s celebrate this special day of friendship

“Happy Friendship day”

Do share your memories with your friends in the comments section below.


Stay safe, Stay Healthy & Keep Brewing !!!


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