Is Someone Else Taking Your Credit?


Let’s be honest, we all have faced this at some point or the other in our life and nothing is more frustrating than someone else taking credit of our efforts and hard work.

We all have people around us who are always seeking the opportunity to eat others efforts.

We have all heard that work speaks for itself but in the real world, we all know Jo Dikhta Hai Wahi Bikta Hai .

So it’s not enough to just do the work but it’s equally or rather more important to showcase your work properly and claim your due credit.

So the question arises how to deal with this issue which is so critical and yet so common.


Here are a few useful tips:


Keep your cool

It’s natural to be upset and angry. You may also be tempted to confront the person right away.

But it’s a Big Big No.

Channelize your anger and confront the person after 2-3 days after you have cooled down.

Highlight Your contributions

It is unlikely someone else will highlight and publish your achievements and contributions,

So be smart to showcase your contributions, ideas by yourself.

Participate Actively

There are high chances while working in a team that your contribution may go unnoticed.

To avoid such a scenario make your presence felt in the team strongly by voicing your ideas.

Don’t share Your ideas 

Be cautious with whom you are sharing your ideas and choose your friends wisely.

Remember, Everyone who hugs you may not be your well-wisher always especially at the workplace where by-      default everyone is a competitor.

Be a team player

It is very important to be a good team player to succeed in the workplace.

Also while working collaboratively on a project, be generous in sharing credit with other teammates as well.


  1. Trigun Sharma says

    Great article Reetika, just couple of thoughts from my side.

    While confronting, it is essential to remain assertive and speak up what one feels. I am sure we are on the same page re this.

    The outer aspect is about not sharing ideas but what to do when it is inevitable to share ideas for instance with your boss and while your boss could be the one to take the credit!

    1. Reetika Bindal says

      Thanks a lot Trigun for your feedback.
      And yes there are times when the boss is the one who takes the credit of work.
      Will be writing on that too so stay tune.
      Keep brewing

  2. Deepti Shivanand says

    Yes, it happen’s with most of the people, we will meet these kind of parasites everywhere.
    They will be expert in doing drama and the sad part is they will be believed by all.
    But I strongly believe that if we work hard sincerely without getting demotivated by anything today or tomorrow your work will be recognised.
    Just have faith in God, rest he will take care.

    1. Reetika Bindal says

      Thanks Deepti for sharing your thoughts on the post.

      Stay tuned
      Keep brewing

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