Made In Heaven


Are Marriages made in heaven?

If yes then why there is an increasing rate of divorce these days?

Why some marriages last and others don’t?

Why some couples are happily married and others are on crossroads to stay together or call it quits?

What goes wrong that couples are forced to take the extreme step of separation?

We all marry for love & compassion.

Like every other relationship, marriage also has its peaks and troughs of life.

Or maybe even more as in this relationship, two strangers who have a completely different mindset, upbringing, customs, and cultures get tied together in a bond of love.

Life is about highs and lows. The Catch is how we deal with it.

But is Love enough to sustain a marriage?

Love & Compassion is important but love alone cannot compensate for other factors that are equally critical in a marriage.

Can we be in a happy marriage if we don’t trust the intentions of our partner?

Can marriage sustain if we have unrealistic expectations from our partner?
Will marriage last if partners are dishonest to each other?
Can marriage sustain if there is interference from any third party?
Is a happy married life possible without communication between partners?

Why after marriage, after some time, we start disliking the things we liked in our partner and for which we got married?
Why we get under the influence of other people and distrust the person who stays with us 24/7?
Who is constantly there for us?

Why do we start judging the person we already know?
Why do we want to change the person and make him another version whereas we liked that person originally?

We all know the answer is No.

Marriage is a bond that must grow with time and not deteriorate.

If it’s falling into pits, then it’s time to ponder what’s went wrong and as a couple how can we rekindle the same flame of love, trust & compassion back in the relationship.

The effort to bring back the derailed relationship on track must be of conscious effort of both the partners and not expected from one alone.

Lest marriage, no relationship works one-sided.

These are a few basics that are required for any relationship to work not only marriage.

But sadly in marriage, we tend to take these basics and our partners for granted which makes this happily married ride choppy.

So guys don’t take your most precious relationship for granted.

Your spouse is the only one who will be there in your thick and thins.

Value each other & don’t screw the “special bond made in heaven” for anyone or anything in this world.

In this season of marriage, spice up your marriage again with flavors of love, trust, compassion, romance and enjoy the ride together.

Stay Tuned & keep Brewing!!!


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