Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder


Does this phrase stand true?

Does beauty lie in the eyes of Beholder?

If this is true, then why matrimonial sites are filled with parameters defining beauty?

Why people are body shamed regularly for their color, height, weight, etc.?

Why beauty creams ads sell the concept of beauty as fair-skinned?
Why it is sold that to be successful, one has to be fair-skinned?

The Irony is the people endorsing such ads are the ones who achieved success because of hard work and not because of a particular skin tone.

Aren’t these a reflection of the mindset of our society?

Why height, weight and color matter more than someone’s character?
Why physical appearance outweighs someone’s qualities?
Beauty is not just white skin, zero figure and optimum weight.

Despite being in the 21st century, our society has embraced unrealistic perceptions of beauty.

To meet these perceptions, people are finding it harder to feel beautiful, forgetting that we all are beautiful in our way.

Being beautiful is to be comfortable in our skin.

Beauty is having a kind and warm heart.

Beauty is helping someone in need.

Beauty is to be beautiful inside out.

Outer Beauty only Attracts but Inner beauty captivates.

Inner beauty and happiness are what reflect outside.

So don’t be body-obsessed.

Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be You!!!


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