Most of the time we feel so high on life because we have the one we love by our side but at the same time, we feel low too because of some or other reason.

Don’t be happy because you have someone to love, just be happy because you love yourself and for that, you should work out on yourself, your flaws, give time to yourself and tell how much you love by being you.

Life remains still; it’s all up to you how you want to see and where you want to see.

Life gives us many opportunities to change those things which we don’t resist.  Hold on and introspect yourself “Are you really happy “? What makes you happy?

Have you ever thought of donating some books or clothes to the needy ones? Doesn’t that make you happy? Forget about the big things and start doing small things which give you inner peace and make you happy. This will definitely bring changes in your life.

If you are happy then you are positive and that’s what life is about. Never give up on things and always be honest to yourself. Things take time but they fall in your path.

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