Are We Living At The Right Frequency?


Just like in radio we need to tune to the right frequency to listen to our favorite channels, the same principle applies to life also.

You must be wondering How???   

The universe is a set of frequencies and everything part of this universe, including us, have their core energy.

Our bodies emit frequency to the universe based on our thoughts.

We all have grown up listening to our elder’s advice to Think & Speak Positive and everything positive will happen in life.

But is it true?

Yes, it is true. Our thoughts become our emotions and emotions emit the frequency in the universe.

Every emotion has a different frequency and whatever frequency we are at, we keep on receiving the same from the universe until we change the frequency.

Have you ever wondered, why on a particular day, if the morning starts on a bad/sad note, the entire day goes in the same way? One or the other similar upsetting incidences take place.

On the contrary, if a day has begun well, it continues to be the same.

It’s all because of the Frequency.

In the first case, the minute we started feeling bad/sad, the vibrations are emitted to the universe and we are tuned to the sad frequency and in the latter case if emit happy vibrations and so we are tuned to Happy frequency.

The Universe is very innocent. It only understands the frequency and returns you the more of the same frequency you sent to him without discriminating between good and bad.
But, the best part is we can change our frequency anytime we want just we do on the radio.

If we don’t like a particular channel, we change instantly. Then why not change our frequency of life.

Changing our frequency is Simple. It just requires conscious efforts in the beginning.

Few Practices we can follow to Increase Our Frequency:
  1. Be conscious of your Thoughts. There is a popular saying “Thoughts become Things, choose them wisely”.
  2. Be Grateful & Thankful for the beautiful things God has given us. More thankful and appreciative we are, more is given by the universe.
  3. Be kind to other people and animals.
  4. Learn to Forgive and Forget.
  5. Stay away from people, feelings and anything that makes you feel negative.
  6. Love yourself with compassion. If you cannot love yourself, no one will ever be able to do.

So change your Frequency and get tuned to the Happy, Healthy & Wealthy Frequency.

Stay tuned to the right frequency & Keep Brewing!!!

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