Tie a Rakhi to yourself! Love yourself!


The worst loneliness is not to be comfortable with your own self.

On this day of Rakshabandhan, let’s try to be friends with ourselves.

Let’s swear to protect ourselves with what doesn’t seem right.

Let’s have the courage to choose the less traveled road versus what’s popular.

Let’s try not to fill our emptiness by stuffing with or shuffling through social media.

Let’s not find solace in anyone’s struggles.

Let’s give up our need to have a flawlessly clean home, be exactly on time.

Let’s give up our need to control.

Let’s be okay with not being okay.

Let’s focus on being ourselves and with ourselves.

Let’s celebrate this festival with more love for our strengths and weaknesses.

The mountain peak always sits on the bottom rock.

Our darkest days often bring our brightest sides.

Let’s have the courage to embrace what’s ours and continue to move forward towards our true north.

  1. Shantanu says

    Great lines….good motivation..

  2. Shantanu says

    Great lines..good motivation…

  3. Parul Aggarwal says

    V meaningful write up

  4. Rajat Rastogi says

    Nice one !!!!!

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