Thappad – Domestic Violence


Is only physical abuse domestic violence?

Does mental and emotional abuse not a part of domestic violence?

Why a home which is supposed to be the safest place for anybody becomes a threat for some people?

Reports suggest that From October 1st, 2018 to September 30th, 2019 the PSNI recorded 31,817 domestic abuse incidents, an increase of 790 (or 2.5 percent) compared to the previous 12 months. The figures are the highest since the PSNI started recording data in 2004/05.

Why does domestic violence happen?

Who is responsible for this?

In most cases, women of the house are the victims of domestic violence.

But have we ever paused and thought WHY?

Why women are considered weak and are subjected to all the humiliation and frustration?

Why is she taken for granted to accuse her of everything especially wrong happening in anybody’s life in her family?

Why husband cannot control their so-called anger and frustration and leave a hand on their wife?

And very conveniently will apologize next day saying darling you know na I love you, it’s just I can’t control my temper

Or maybe Jaan I love you very much but you know how things are going on in the office and in that frustration it happened?

Mind you, here I am talking of so-called respected, educated, and well-civilized citizens and not the uneducated ones.

Many of you will be surprised to know that the number of cases of domestic violence is higher in the educated strata of our society than the uneducated ones.

My question to these people is why your frustration doesn’t come out on your bosses, parents, or even your colleagues?

Because you know the consequences you will have to face if you dared to do it with them

But with Wife it’s simple

You know one sorry and it’s ok

No, it’s not ok

Nobody has given you the license to treat your women the way you want to.

No matter whether she is a homemaker or a professional

She demands equal respect as you and if you can lose your temper so as she

Remember you are what you are because she is there to protect your back and take care of all your needs and family

Don’t disrespect her, it does not make you a man.

Love her, Respect her and be a true Gentleman

And to all the women, Stop being the Victim, raise your voices and demand your respect.


Stay happy, stay safe & Keep brewing!!!









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