Running is Not an Option


Life is a very unpredictable word with so many commas, question marks, arrows, dots, exclamation marks without any full stop.

There are many people we meet in our lives who get into us in trouble and we get trapped. Maybe it’s hard to get out of that problem doesn’t matter if it is big.

One should play smart and decent to have faith in others. Don’t do unplanned work which can get you in trouble.

Do you compare yourself with others and get jealous and mess your mindful thoughts?

Do you feel happy or sad while comparing?

Well, you shouldn’t do those things which stress your mind and health.

A happy soul will make smooth plans and decisions which won’t harm them or others.

Never feel bad about those things which you don’t have, feel good about those things which you have and if you still feel bad then work hard to achieve your goals.

Do you think running from your situation is an option for any of your problems?

How far can you run and how much time?

Facing your problem is the only solution to your problem.

If you keep running then one day you will be alone or might be you also start running from yourself too.

God showers his blessings on those who stand for themselves and face every situation with a smile.

There is a saying “God helps those who help themselves”.

The best way to face any problem is to think in your mind about those people who are more troubled or in worst condition than yours. You will find your problems are so small.

If you compare your good times then compare your bad times also.

Every person faces problems in life and the one who faces struggles of life with a positive attitude will win and the other one who runs from the problem will keep on running and become a loser.

Choice is yours ??


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