We all are familiar with Rejection rather we all face it on a day to day basis in various forms.

Rejections may not necessarily be related to big things alone like not clearing competitive exams; etc, but everyday situations can lead to rejection too.

Sometimes it’s so routine that we don’t realize we have been rejected.

Rickshawala saying No, sabzi wala not giving vegetables at our desired price and saying Lena hai to lo, is all form of rejection.

But we don’t mind these rejections as we have become used to them and understand that it’s a part and parcel of life.

Many times when someone says No to us we feel that person has rejected us but in reality, the person is saying no to the goods/services/ideas that we suggested to the person.

Rejection Hurts, no one likes to listen to a No but it’s next to impossible to avoid it altogether.

We all have a fear of rejection within us.

None of us is immune to rejection.

No one is life has ever succeeded without facing rejection.
Most famous and successful people have also faced rejections.

How we react/response/deal with rejections makes all the difference in life.

Our attitude to deal with the rejections determines our success and failure in life.

Tips How Strong and Successful people deal with Rejections:
1.Acknowledge Your Emotions

Showing your emotions is not a sign of weakness but strength. Instead of denying and suppressing your emotions, acknowledge them and face them.


2. Don’t Let Rejection DEFINE YOU

Most famous people were rejected for their abilities for which they are famous today.

The best examples are Oprah Winfrey who was rejected for being too emotional for Tv program and today she is the most famous Tv show personality.

Don’t allow other people opinion determine your self-worth.

3. Learn From Rejection

Analyze the situation coolly and turn it into an opportunity of self-growth.

Take rejection from the right perspective, learn from it and move on.

4. Proof that You Are PUSHING THE LIMITS

No one is ever successful by staying in the comfort zone and not taking risks in life.

Rejection is evidence that you are working out of your comfort zone to achieve your goals.

Rejection is a stepping stone to success.


Don’t curse or blame yourself for rejections. Rather than negative self-talk, be kind and compassionate to yourself.

Guys, next time you feel rejected, give yourself a quick pep talk and get going.

If someone rejects you, remember the song “ Isme Tera Ghata, Mera Kuch Nahi Jaata, smile and move on.

Stay happy & keep Brewing!!!


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