J – The Jealousy


Jealousy, a feeling we all have and experience at various point of time in life.

It is a feeling of insecurity and fear and often leads to other negative feelings as anger, frustration, resentment, etc.

It is a feeling that is present in everyone, be it humans or animals.

Don’t believe me; try petting another animal in front of your pet.

It is one of the most complex emotions and it strikes all people irrespective of age& gender.

An emotion which is not limited to romantic relationships alone but is present among all relations be it among siblings, friends, in-laws, etc.

Sometimes even strangers also envy us for something we possess and they don’t.

It might seem as just as another emotion but if this emotion is not handled carefully has the potential of fuel damaging behavior.

It can screw your mental peace and relationships in big time.

It is a killer, then how to break free from this feeling?

1.Understand what’s making you Insecure

The feeling of insecurity is the biggest cause of Jealousy.

Examine and analyze, what’s leading to insecurity? Is it a change in your partner’s behavior, a colleague getting the promotion, Sibling insecurity for parent’s attention, in-laws insecurity for son’s attention, etc?

Introspect whether it’s for real or you are overthinking and being imaginative.

2. Talk to the Concerned Person

If you are feeling insecure, communicate and express your feelings honestly.

It will help you in building a stronger relationship.

3.Channelize your Feelings Positively

Work out, pamper yourself, spending time with loved ones, shopping, etc are therapies to channelize your negative thoughts in a positive direction.

Feel good about yourself and it will help you to gain confidence also and handle the situation in a better way.

So, don’t be J, Just Be Happy & Keep brewing !!!

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