We all as humans have a tendency to form opinions about other people.

Whenever we meet someone even for the first time, we form our opinion about that person.

People often say “The First impression is the Last Impression”.

Many times even before meeting someone, just based on the things heard about them we make our perception about that person.

But how often have we felt that the person is different from what we thought in the first impression?

Many people in the first meeting come across as introvert but once we get to know them better we realize that they are not introvert.

We try to analyze and judge a person through our lens of judgment and experiences.

But how right is to create a perception about someone without knowing that person and still judge him?

Many times we don’t even ever meet that person personally but through someone else’s experience, we form an opinion about them.

But we often forget that opinions should be formed based on personal experiences.

Not everyone is good to everyone and vice versa.

Maybe a person is good to me but not good to others and also maybe a person is good to others but not good with me.

But does it imply that the person is bad? No.
Isn’t it unfair to be judgmental to others?
How many times do we actually put in genuine efforts to know someone?
Be it a stranger or our someone we knew?

Many relations are strained because of wrong perceptions about each other.

We continue to carry the same perception about that person and judge all their actions based on our judgment without trying to understand the reality behind them and ultimately ruining the relationship with that person.

Though it’s a natural human tendency to judge others, with conscious efforts we can be less judgmental to others.

“Be curious, not judgmental.” – Walt Whitman

1.Avoid passing Judgment

Most of the time, we are not even aware that we are being judgmental. With conscious efforts, we can observe our thoughts and notice when we are being judgmental and try to stop the thoughts and change them.

2. Empathize

Try to put yourself in another person’s shoes and understand their point of view.

3. Be Open-Minded

Every person responds to a certain situation in a particular way. But just because the way to perceive and respond to things is different doesn’t make that person wrong or bad.

4. Don’t Be Stubborn

Don’t be stubborn to prove yourself right always. Keep your horizons broad. Time changes and so do people.

There is a famous tagline “ Nazar Nahi Nazariya Badaliye”.


So guys, let’s be less judgmental and more Empathetic.


Stay tuned & Keep Brewing!!!



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