Why Giving is Our Superpower


With this lockdown, a lot of us got an opportunity to do some self-introspection and reflection.

The need for helping and giving has been well established as thousands lose their lives, loved ones, or bread & butter. This article aims to dive deeper into the importance of giving and how giving is nothing but our superpower!

1. Becoming a Bridge

“No one can deny what All-Mighty approves. No one can approve what All might denies.”

I believe in this very strongly that we don’t control everything that happens around us and with us but what we can control is our action.

Then why go around, give and help when God is there, right?

We need to extend our hands as we can become the bridge or the path for someone’s greatness or goodness. Just like there are different means of helping someone makes us a mean to their fulfillment.

Ever seen a bridge? It has two ends, one that is closer to the start point and another that is close to the finish line.

By helping someone, you are becoming a bridge whose one end is closer to the finish line or goal.

Think of the next time you leave someone waiting for that phone call- by providing them the emotional support they need, you are only bringing yourself closer to the emotional wellbeing you’ve always looked for.

2. To Him that Hath Shall be given

This is a very well-known verse from Bible (Mathew 25:29) that says “For unto every one that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath”.

This means the one who has abundance will be given more and the one that has dearth will get even more deprived.

The simple translation of it is if you think you have an abundance of health, wealth, time, or love- you will attract more of it.

Now you must be wondering where it fits into the art of giving.

By giving more, you are telling the universe that there is an abundance of it in you; that there is absolutely no dearth of what you are giving to others. Through this, you are leaning towards faith and not fear that you would not be deficient in what you are giving.

3. Gratitude

The new anthem for today is “Gratitude is the new Attitude”.

The western world has a whole “Thanksgiving” fest every year to celebrate our blessings.

In Islam, there is a special prayer called “Shukrane Ki Namaz” which means prayer of gratitude.

There has been enough literature and talks about the importance of being grateful but I am here to highlight the connection between gratitude and giving.

Take a minute to read this verse from Bible (II Corinthians 9:6-8) – He who sows sparingly, will reap sparingly and he who sows bountifully, will reap bountifully for God loves a cheerful giver.

The highest form of expressing gratitude is to start giving and helping out others, why?

Because by doing so, you are exhibiting the signs of self-sufficiency, adequacy, and reliance.

You are acknowledging and celebrating your abundance as only those who have enough can give something. On the other hand, when you clench yourselves of helping someone out- you are accepting that you don’t have enough to provide to others which means there is a scarcity of what you have.

4. Detachment

Heard the story of Midas?

The king who was blessed with a touch that would turn anything into gold. He was rejoicing till the blessing became a curse when he touched his daughter and she transformed into stone.

If not, then I am sure you must have heard the story of the lion who drowned in his reflection while mesmerized with his beauty.

The reason for giving is so important because it helps us to shift focus from greed and develops a feeling of being detached.

The entire purpose of sacrifice was to gain strength and courage to let go of what you love.

The same has been reiterated in Bhagavad Gita (Chapter 17: Verse 20) where it is stated that charity to whom who cannot give you back anything in return is considered the highest form of giving.

So let’s open those tight fists and our hearts, let’s strive to become selfless beings. No one can achieve the one hundred percent of altruism but let’s try to put the element of “human” into beings for God created us to be the most advanced creature of Nature for a reason.

Let’s prove HIM right!


Stay at home

Stay Safe

Stay tuned & Keep Brewing!!!

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