Childhood Then & Now!!!

Khuda se humne aaj mangi hai ek dua 
Bus jeene k liye ek umar aur mil jaye
Ye bachpan kabhi na gujre
Or ye zindagi yuhi beet jaye…

-Abhishek Gupta

Yes, we all love the childhood that we spent, we all cherish those sweet memories of our childhood and we always wish to relive them.

We all want to go back to the time when we used to play with all those toys, outdoor games on streets, those petty fights with friends, those punishments in schools, those lunch breaks, wait for the summer vacations and winter vacations and lot more.

We are blessed to have spent that kind of childhood, carefree and fun-filled.

Those were the days when we led our lives according to our wishes and got all the love in the world from parents, grandparents and relatives.

Now the times have changed I believe.

Do we realize that what kind of childhood are we giving to our coming generation…..???
Would they cherish their childhood as we did????

Honestly NO!

These days the paper helicopters have been replaced by remote control drones, the badminton rackets by play station kinects with virtual reality support.

Those amazing evenings playing the hide and seek have been replaced by PUBG.
Paddle cycles have been replaced by battery-operated toy bikes.

Those things which used to be our priced possessions have become a bunch of trash for them to have.

Everything that used to build us, that used to give us the sheer pleasure has been replaced by these artificial mimics and children these days have forgotten the meaning of fun.

Today for them technology is fun which in real making them dull and disconnected.

Ask yourself this question, Do our children these days want to meet with friends, relatives???

Forget about meeting, Do they even know their relatives???

Ask this question to them and you will get your answer. They even don’t want to spend time with parents as well.

They want to be confined within the four walls and be lost in the virtual world which we only have created for them.

They don’t know the worth of bonds, relations and friendships and that because they are not being taught, they don’t get the chance even to experience all this.

We need to Decide what we want to give as a legacy to our future generation?

The Artificial childhood which they would regret when they grow old
The golden time that they would be want to relive.

The choice is ours!!!

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