Are you a Dog Lover???


Most of us are animal lovers and especially Dog Lovers.

The innocence in their eyes and their selfless love just takes my heart.

One incident happened with me and my brother who is also crazy for Dogs.

Before narrating the incident, a word of caution.

Please hold on to your seats or wherever you are sitting because this story will give you a riot of laughter.

So here it goes….

I and my brother were staying together before my marriage.

The society we lived in had a lot of dogs but particularly with one dog (Max), a cute little Labrador we became friends with.

But after a few months, my brother had to shift to another city because of his job.

Diwali was round the corner and we had to shift the next day of Diwali.

We both were very sad. (Not because of shifting to another city but getting away from our dear friend Max).

So we both decided (Me and Brother) to meet Max before leaving.

We went to his place on Diwali and also took a present for him (pediggery) and in excitement forgot to take anything for the owner that too on the occasion of Diwali as in our heads we were going to meet Max forgetting, after all, it’s his owner’s house.

When we reached there, the owner made us sit and offered sweets and dry fruits as it was a festival.

When max came, the owner gave him also dry fruits and to our surprise, he ate them very fondly.

My brother was so surprised that in excitement he said, had we knew that Max likes dry fruits we would have brought dry fruits for him.

I was so embarrassed, shocked, trying to stop my laughter all that the same time thinking in the first place we didn’t take anything for the owner and on top of it, we were telling the owner had we known your dog likes almonds so much we would have brought it for him, not you.

I am sure with all you animal lovers, there must be numerous hilarious incidents to quote.

Do mention in the comments section below.

Stay safe and Keep Brewing!!!









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