Aapki Intelligence (AI)


We all talk about artificial intelligence these days. How this is taking space in our lives with each passing day.

Have we realized what is this Artificial Intelligence (AI)????

How it works????

And more importantly why it is taking over our lives in a significant manner????

Let us decode that today.

What if we put it this way that AI is nothing but Aapki (Your) Intelligence?

Yes, you read this right it is nothing but your intelligence which is built into machines and is served back to you.

It is the same as how you would think, how you would act or behave.

Imagine a machine working like you, thinking like you, having emotions and feelings like you. It is like your clone and can work non-stop like you and ultimately outsmarting you because it has no limitations of getting tired feeling fatigue.

Now, this gives us something to think about. How this is going to impact us in the future.

Let have a reality check.

There is every possibility that this would replace us in every realm and leave us redundant, be it Job, profession, or for that matter the household work. The hard fact is that it has already started taking over us.

We need to figure out how we should be dealing with this. It is high time that we should be using Apni (own) Intelligence to evolve in a way that makes this AI our friend rather than our enemy.

The very fact that it is the human brain that has given birth to this AI and not vice versa so this cannot be better than the human brain.

The biggest example we have seen is Shakuntala Devi whom we called a prodigy who failed computers not just once but infinite times.

So, let’s take a pledge today that we will always be using Apni (own) Intelligence and this Artificial Intelligence will always be our aid and not our replacement

Stay Safe , Stay tuned & Keep Brewing!!!.

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